Adaptive Images for Optimizely.

Make images a delight to work with in Optimizely

Reduced development time, easier content editing, and improved site performance.

Responsive images

Allow web editors to use high-resolution original images that adapt to different sizes.

Screenshot of responsive image property in Optimizely


Web editors have complete control over image cropping without creating web-specific assets.

Screenshot of cropping an image in Optimizely


Save time and prevent user error while improving the web editor experience.

Screenshot of responsive image property in Optimizely


Adaptive Images is a verified add-on, fully DXP compatible including support for the Cloudflare edge platform for image transformation, optimization, and global CDN delivery.

Graphics illustrating a global network


Adaptive Images can be used with any API-enabled Digital Asset Management system for using images from an image bank without uploading to the CMS.

Screenshot of responsive image property in Optimizely

Trusted by leading brands

Adaptive Images works for any Optimizely website -
content or e-commerce, headless or headful.


Key advantages of adding Adaptive Images to your next Optimizely website.

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Faster development

Fast-loading, high-fidelity images out-of-the-box saves time on development while simultaneously improving the CMS user experience.

Easier to find images

When you only need a single high-res version of each image, users spend less time finding the right image for their content.

Faster editing

No need to manually crop, resize, and compress images to prepare web-specific assets. No external graphics software needed.

Improved fidelity

Users cannot by accident publish an incorrectly sized image. Relying on high-res originals ensures crisp fast-loading images on the site.

Improved performance

Images in next-gen formats with optional CDN optimization using Cloudflare or Cloudinary improves image quality and load times.


User documentation is available through the CMS, and developers have access to SDK documentation including code samples.

Massive time-savings

With websites for over 500 animal clinics across 15 countries, AniCura saves a lot of time not having to edit graphics manually.

Screenshot of AniCura's start page with picture of a dog
Screenshot of AniCura's start page with picture of a dog

Finding the right image

Presenting content for a wide array of products produced across 100 production sites in 30 countries, Mondi saves time using DAM images without need for graphics editing.

Add Adaptive Images to your website.

Improve your website's performance and visual appearance while reducing cost for development and content editing.

Screenshot of app images being optimized, cropped and scaled


€ 1,900 / year

Immediate return on investment.

  • Supports CMS images

  • Single website

  • E-mail support


€ 4,500 / year

For larger web platforms.

  • Multi-site support

  • DAM image providers

  • Dedicated support